• Neil D’Souza, Zaya

    My takeaway from Oppi is firstly that teachers are the best investment you can make in education, even with technology entering this space.

    - Neil D’Souza, Zaya
  • Why am I here? Because teenagers have to be involved in building the future of education, we know what’s happening. Having us in the picture matters.

    - Eeva, 17 years
  • Timo Ahonen

    Breathtaking and intense talk by Horace Dediu! Everything is taking place faster than ever: can schools keep up?

    - Timo Ahonen
  • Tim Walker, Teacher

    I left Oppi optimistic that schools here can dramatically improve. Why? Because owning your weaknesses is the prerequisite for meaningful improvement. This is a valuable lesson for all education systems around the world.

    - Tim Walker, Teacher