• Pasi Sahlberg

    It was a festival that celebrated education that cultivated the human mind and unleashed imagination to change our lives and the world. I think we need more forums like Oppi where people get together and learn from one another in joyful and enriching spirit. My takeaway from Oppi in Helsinki was exactly this important notion of togetherness. If we are about to make the world a better place through education, we need to move beyond conference halls and classrooms to realize the potential there is to make a change.

    - Pasi Sahlberg
  • Simon Breakspear

    Congratulations! You really did pull off a truly remarkable event that left a deep imprint on those involved. You built a community, pushed peoples’ thinking and gave everyone a sense of shared values and vision. Suklaa have staked their ground as the global education festival organising masters!

    - Simon Breakspear
  • Cathy Rubin

    You know you’ve had a life changing face-to-face experience when you want to share the learning with everyone who missed out.

    - Cathy Rubin
  • Sarah Brown

    Congratulations on a very successful event and I am sure by gathering together so many people with a passion and expertise in learning that many good ideas were shared and will develop further in the months to come.

    - Sarah Brown